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Trust of Education

Niche of truth
Niche of truth is an organization based in Kerala, India.

Islamic research foundation
The Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Mumbai, India, is a registered non-profit public charitable trust.

Islamic propagation centre International
An organization based in Durban, South Africa with a mission "To make the message of Islam heard and understood in our time, and to make the Muslims a blessings unto mankind".

Latino American Dawah Organization (LADO)
An organization promoting Islam among the Latino community within the United States. The organization also educates Latinos and others about the legacy of Islam in Spain and Latin America and provide free information about Islam to all interested parties.

Eighty Ways To Give Dawah
An Article by Dr. Bilal Philips.He says "It is from Allaah’s grace upon us in these times that there are many ways to give da‘wah (calling to Islaam) and sufficient opportunities for everyone to participate and benefit from its great rewards."

The true religion.org
A guide to Islamic belief, culture and civilization. Handles topics like converts to Islam and so on
Hijri & Gregorian Calender
Lists the Islamic and Gregorian calender and gives the option to select different modes for display of the calender along with option to convert a date into gregorian or hijri.

Islamic prayer times around the world
Lists prayer times at 6 Million Cities Worldwide. There is a facility to search for cities

Free Downloads
Download free Islamic software, screen savers, e-mail, greeting cards and so on

Zakath Calculator
Calculate zakath on many items. The site also handles many topics relating to Zakath

Download Islamic Articles
Download articles and books about Islam in PDF, DOC, TXT, formats. There are also RFT, EXE and ZIP files.

Islamic Applications
Harf - a company developing a number of programs and applications for handheld computer devices and mobile phones.

Quran on CD
Qur'an is presented in an interactive visual and audio experience, relative to the users native language.

Company involved in products related to Arabic language processing technology.
Islam Online

Islamicity - Islam & the Global Muslim eCommunity

Islam QA - Question & Answers

Ummah.com - The Muslim directory
Al-Islam.com - Islam resources and Information


Islamic circle of North America

Harun Yahya - An invitation to the truth

Islaworld.net - a series of articles

Discover Islam

Mountain of Light - Yusuf Islam releases