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Trust of Education

Correspondence course
Course material

Trust of Education offers a correspondence course about Islam in Malayalam. The course consists of 6 modules. Each module has a book as the study material.

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to convey the message of Islam to the others. This course is offered to fulfill this responsibility.

A candidate for the course can apply for joining the course through post or E-mail. On receipt of the application, Trust of Education will send the first book of the study material to the applicant by post.

There are a set of questions at the end of the book. The candidate needs to answer these questions and send this answer sheet to Trust of Education. If the candidate scores 45% or above in this exercise, Trust of Education will send him or her the next book which would be the study material for the next module. The procedure mentioned for the first modules is followed for the rest of the modules of the course.

On completion of the course, if the candidate scores a minimum of 45 percent in all the modules, he or she would receive a certificate and a Quran Translation named “Vishudha Quran Samboorna Paribasha”.


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