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Trust of Education

A brief about Trust of education

The Trust of Education was created in the year 1985 with the following objectives.

1.To disseminate knowledge through books and other communication media like audio and video and electronic forms.

Books that are of religious and moral nature are printed and distributed free of cost. Distribution of these books are done through post, through social service activists and groups who request for these books and personally to individuals.

2.Organize meets and camps for leadership training to community leaders and to bring about a co-ordination among different groups working on similar targets.

3.Social activities like pre-marriage counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling, rehabilitation and job placements for people requiring such counseling.

The Trust of Education participates in the activities of Shanti Bhavan, where ladies without family support are given shelter and are made to feel at home. The family members of these ladies are talked to, which in a lot of cases, results in the families accepting the ladies back into their fold.

4.Work among prisoners to give them counseling, legal aid and settle small fines. Help the prisoners' families with medical aid, scholarship for their children and financial aid.

The Trust of Education has permission from the police department to work in Kannur and Trichur central jails of Kerala, India and the special sub jail in Trichur.


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